Claim: Health by Burgerstein Vitamins

The highest good in our time is health. Burgerstein faces up to this responsibility then, now and for the future. Our products support you in a wide variety of life situations for a healthy, active and carefree life. Burgerstein has been developing micronutrients of the highest quality for almost 50 years. The Swiss family business has over 80 products with micronutrients and secondary plant substances and carries a product line with probiotics in the Swiss home market and also has a concept with micronutrients that can be individually tailored to your personal needs.

Foundation 1972 until today

Dr. Lothar Burgerstein founded the company Antistress AG - Burgerstein Vitamins in 1972 together with his son Uli Burgerstein. Based on his own positive experience with micronutrients after a car accident, he recognized the advantages of a correctly dosed supply of micronutrients and their benefits when used to maintain health (orthomolecular medicine). In 1982, the first medical practice for orthomolecular medicine, a micronutrient analysis laboratory and an allergy ward were opened. In the same year, the first version of the textbook "Healing Effects of Nutrients (Haug-Verlag, D-Heidelberg) was published.

In 1987 - after the death of Dr. L. Burgerstein - the Burgerstein Foundation was established to promote orthomolecular medicine. The steady expansion of the Burgerstein brand was followed in 2005 by the founding of Burgerstein GmbH in Vienna - which marked a successful market entry. Today, the portfolio in Austria comprises almost 50 products. In 2012, the Rapperswil site was further expanded and so today the modern architecture complements the traditional building. Today, the company is managed by his granddaughter Tanja Zimmermann-Burgerstein in the 3rd generation.

"Burgerstein products are a combination of nature, quality and science."

For us, the benefit of each individual product comes first. Burgerstein products are manufactured according to our own recipes created in Switzerland and based on scientific findings. The composition and ingredients are optimally matched to the needs of the body, so that the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients arrive in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place in the body. They arrive in the body in the right quantity and at the right place. With regard to the selection of raw materials, we at Burgerstein focus on the highest quality and purity. Learn more about the proven Burgerstein quality on our quality page.


Loyal customers prove the benefit

"Health and joy of life" - with this slogan on the way to your goal in life. Our customers have great confidence in Burgerstein and its products, this was confirmed by market research. An above-average number of customers use our products, buy them regularly and also recommend them to others.2

This trust is reflected in the "Most Trusted Brand Award", which Burgerstein has now received for 12 years. The trust of our customers shows that the high quality in combination with selected raw materials from our nature is also the right way for the future.1

1 Source: Reader's Digest | Trusted Brands 2020 Switzerland - Institute: DIALEGO, Aachen - Data basis Switzerland: total 2,300 respondents Swiss aged 18 and over - representative of the Swiss population aged 18 and over. 2 Source: Own market research in collaboration with LINK Institute; total 1,026 respondents - representative of the Swiss population aged 18 and over; December 2018.

Burgerstein commitment

Our social and ecological commitment in various areas is important to us as a successful Swiss company. For example, we support athletes, promote research and development of micronutrients and attach importance to the sensible use of our natural resources. 

The trust of over 300 Swiss athletes in our products is the best proof of their quality and effectiveness.


As an official supplier in the field of micronutrients, Burgerstein products are used throughout the squad. In close cooperation with the swiss-ski and swiss-olympic association doctors, we can provide athletes with individual support and address their specific needs. A cross-country skier, a bi athlete or a triathlete has a completely different need for micronutrients than, for example, a snowboarder or a downhill crack. The individual training situation is also taken into account. We are happy to share the sense of achievement with the athletes and also provide support during injury breaks.

Swiss Triathlon

In 1985, the association was founded in Bern and is a member of the Swiss Olympic Association. 11 athletes (A-, B- and C-squad) and eleven athletes in the long distance squad comprised the Swiss Triathlon National Team for the 2020 season. We provide on-site information about the latest findings in sports and nutritional sciences and make our products available to the squad & young athletes. The close cooperation with the association of doctors is also a very important aspect for the triathletes and forms an important basis for both sides for advice in connection with supplementation in sports.

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

The local commitment to product and financial sponsorship is considered a great matter of the heart for the founding Burgerstein family: "I've been following the field hockey games on the open ice since I was 10 years old. Witnessed the ups and downs of SCRJ and the Lakers. We want to give something back to Rapperswil as a location and to the many young hockey players (the juniors in the club make up about 350 people) with our commitment," Tanja Zimmermann-Burgerstein tells us.

From the annual Burgerstein Pond Hockey Trophy to the traditional golf tournament benefiting the Lakers' youngsters, the Burgerstein Vitamins logo is everywhere. Due to the local proximity, it goes without saying that many employees are also avid field hockey fans and enjoy watching home games at the stadium. Conversely, it can also happen that a field hockey player like Melvin Nyffeler spontaneously drops by to compete with slalom skier Ramon Zenhäusern in the Burgerstein quiz. 

Swiss Tennis - commitment to popular sports

With 165,000 active members in over 900 tennis clubs, the Swiss professional association for tennis, Swiss Tennis, is the third largest Swiss sports association. They promote the sport of tennis with training concepts, the organization of national competitions and championships, and communication and service-oriented cooperation with clubs, tennis centers and tennis schools throughout Switzerland.

Since 2015, Antistress AG has maintained a partnership with the professional association. As a partner of the association, it is possible for us to support many different age categories individually with our products.

Support for individual athletes with product sponsorship

Over the years, we have supported around 100 individual athletes in a wide range of sports. By working together with the respective trainers and sports physicians, we create the best possible conditions for the athletes to achieve top performance. Close contact and a lively exchange of experience in this network is exciting and gives us the opportunity to provide individual and optimal advice - according to the latest findings of sports and nutrition science.

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