Premium products

"Gruezi", "Servus" & welcome to the world of Burgerstein vitamins!

We are a Swiss family business and have been focusing on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers since 1972.

Many of our premium micronutrients are not simply more expensive than other products on the market. The decisive factors are above all the high-quality raw materials, the production, and the best possible benefits for the customer. Special features, such as special dosage forms, for example toffees to chew, tasty lozenges or tablets with a "time-release" function are also decisive.

Premium = „Feel-Good“

A product must demonstrate clearly why it is better than others. An increased price is not enough to get the label "premium", that is for sure. Despite everything, price and premium are closely linked. Mistakenly, the impression is created that the predicate "premium" is only available to wealthier consumers - the opposite is the case. Choosing "premium" has an emotional and very personal component for all customer segments; it is about getting valuable support but at the same time doing well to feel good. The demand on the product is valid, and it must deliver what it promises.

Burgerstein attaches great importance to ensure that all products are of high quality, of the greatest possible benefit and also target group oriented (e.g. vegi or vegan).

Premium - for us this also means efficient advice - Burgerstein products are available without prescription in the pharmacy, including individual specialist advice from the pharmacy team.

What distinguishes our premium products?

In addition to the high-quality ingredients, which are selected under orthomolecular aspects (better availability), our products stand out due to individual features. Here are some examples:

B-Komplex B50: This B-complex with all 8 B vitamins is characterized by its high composition, which is not available on the market again. After a course of treatment (1 pack), you should definitely take a break. Additional B vitamins should not be taken during this time!

ChromVital: One "mini-tablet" contains the entire daily requirement of chromium. In addition, chromium picolinate is very well utilized by the body.

Coenzym Q10 lozenge: The unique one on the market. By dissolving in the mouth, Q10 is immediately released in the oral cavity, unfolds its effect and thus helps with gum problems and periodontitis. In addition, the lozenge is characterized by the fine orange aroma.

Curcuma-Komplex: Not only the patented turmeric root extract (Cureit) distinguishes the product, but also the additional, added rosemary extract. Due to these high-quality ingredients, our product does not need piperine for improved absorption.

Vitamin D3 spray: A VEGAN spray for your personal vitamin D3 needs. One spray contains 800 international units. Easy to dose and no tablet to swallow! In addition, this spray is alcohol-free and therefore also safe for children.

Vitamin K: We have deliberately launched a mono-preparation that can be taken in addition to any supplement. You can read about the "talents" of the all-rounder vitamin K in the "Knowledge" section.

Zink-C-Toffees: The tasty healthy toffees for your immune system contain the important zinc and vitamin C. By "sucking" or "chewing", the ingredients already unfold in the throat and create a quick calming effect for throat and pharyngeal problems. The well-balanced orange flavor tempts the whole family to enjoy the daily "healthy" toffee. Because they are individually wrapped, they are the perfect companion in school bags, trouser pockets and handbags for young and old.


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