The body cannot produce micronutrients itself, we can/must take them with our food. But in which areas of life are they particularly important, which groups of people are particularly affected by a nutrient deficiency, etc.? If these topics are of interest to you, please take a look at the following articles on the topic of micronutrients. There you will find the most important core topics and regularly new and exciting articles.

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- Men's World
- Women's World
- Kid's & Teen's World
- Premium products

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Guidbooks 1

- Allergy
- Train the brain - what does it take to stay fit when thinking?
- Hair Mineral Analysis
- Cardiovascular Health
- Immune system
- Children / Youth
- Strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis
- Micronutrients for skin, hair & nails
- Micronutrients for your back/spine
- 50+ fit with micronutrients

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Guidebooks 2

- Nutrients for a powerful brain
- Acid-base balance
-Pregnancy & breastfeeding
- Sport
- Mood swings
- Stress & burnout
- Our nutrition
- vegetarian, vegan or Flexitarian? What's all about?
- Vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid - natural or synthetic

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