Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathic remedies and Schüssler salts work in the subtle field. They are therefore well suited for a combination with micronutrient preparations. Micronutrients replenish the empty depots.

Yes, of course this is possible in the vast majority of cases. The concomitant intake of micronutrient preparations can even often reduce the known undesirable side effects of medicines and significantly improve the success of the therapy (e.g. painkillers and rheumatism medicines, cortisone preparations, birth control pills, statins, chemotherapy drugs, etc.). With certain medicines, a time interval should be observed between taking mineral/trace element preparations. Seek advice from a professional if you need to take medication long-term so that they can recommend the right micronutrients for you.

Some people actually find it harder to fall asleep if they take a vitamin C supplement in the evening. However, vitamin C has a stress-reducing effect on most people. Therefore, vitamin C is sometimes deliberately recommended by micronutrient experts in the evening (especially together with a vitamin B complex).

Under the heading "Products" you will find a table of excipients. For more detailed information on ingredients and excipients, please contact a specialist.

During pregnancy, various micronutrients are of great importance.
The need for certain substances can double during this time.
The following micronutrient preparations should be considered:

  • Basic supply: Burgerstein Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit
  • To support brain development1: Burgerstein Omega-3 DHA

1 The mother's intake of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) contributes to normal brain development in the fetus and breastfed infant.

Most organic minerals and trace elements are better bioavailable than inorganic ones. For certain trace elements the differences are very clear (organic chromium compounds, for example, are better utilizable by a factor of 10-15 than inorganic chromium). With calcium and magnesium, the differences are not so great. Calcium and magnesium are also relatively well utilized in the inorganic form (e.g. in mineral water). Burgerstein takes these characteristics of the raw materials into account in the manufacture of its products. The focus is on optimal customer benefit. Good bioavailability is one of the most important prerequisites for the preparation to be effective.

The production of effervescent tablets usually requires numerous excipients that are foreign to the body (sugar substitutes, flavourings, etc.). In addition, the ratio of excipients to active ingredients in effervescent tablets is usually unfavourable. In order for the active ingredients of an effervescent tablet to dissolve in water, water-soluble, inorganic compounds must often be chosen. These are not always optimally utilized by the body. Effervescent tablets usually also contain a considerable amount of sodium. This can massively disrupt a low-sodium diet (e.g. in cases of high blood pressure).

All Burgerstein tablets can be powdered and halved. Ask for the free Burgerstein tablet divider or tablet mortar for this. Capsules can be cut open and the contents of the capsule added to food (yoghurt, apple sauce, etc.). Neither tablets nor capsules are soluble in water.

Exception: Vitamin C 1000mg time-release

Vitamin C tablets must not be powdered or halved, otherwise the time-release function is cancelled!

The biological activity of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E is expressed with the unit of measurement "I.E." (=International Units). Natural vitamin E (d-a-tocopherol) has a higher biological activity than synthetic vitamin E (dl-a-tocopherol: 1mg = 1 I.E.). Synthetic vitamin E is not used in Burgerstein preparations.

All Burgerstein multivitamin preparations are used in the specified dosage to supplement the daily diet. However, each of these multivitamin preparations still has its own character. All multivitamin preparations show their effect best when taken regularly and over a long period of time. Burgerstein Multivitamin Mineral CELA: An extremely popular and proven basic preparation among our loyal customers. CELA focuses on the trace elements zinc, chromium and manganese. These contribute to the regulation of the sugar and fat metabolism. CELA is particularly suitable in cases of fatigue, cravings for sweets, concentration difficulties, but also as an accompaniment to reduction diets. CELA is also an excellent basic preparation for growing adolescents. Burgerstein TopVital One A Day: A unique multivitamin-mineral preparation for people with high physical or mental stress. Contains 100 mg ginseng extract in addition to all vitamins and trace elements. Ginseng helps you to cope better with stress. Burgerstein Performance Plus: A high-dose supplement for people with high demands. Supports you in times when you are under a lot of pressure at work, in your private life or in sport.

Since we always take in calcium and magnesium together with our daily food, our body is also able to absorb these two minerals together in the form of supplements. In therapeutic quantities, it is recommended to divide the daily ration into two doses to ensure optimal utilization.

No, Burgerstein products contain natural raw materials, which can sometimes have a typical inherent odour. These include, for example, the B vitamins, seaweed or sulphur-containing amino acids such as cysteine or methionine.

In Austria and Switzerland, Burgerstein products are sold through pharmacies, in Switzerland also through drug stores and doctors.

Yes, that is possible. It is often even advisable to take several Burgerstein preparations together. Isolated deficiencies of individual micronutrients are rather rare. In many everyday disease patterns, several nutrients should usually be used in a targeted manner to restore the metabolic balance.

Iron and zinc in particular can only be poorly absorbed by the body if coffee, black or green tea is also drunk. Whole grain products also reduce the absorption of these trace elements. An interval of about 2-3 hours should be observed.

  • Multivitamin preparations should always be taken with or after a meal.
  • Amino acids as well as vitamin C and the B vitamins are ideally taken before meals.
  • The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K as well as the fatty acids, e.g. fish oil or evening primrose oil capsules, should always be taken with or after a meal. 
  • Alkaline powders should be taken on an empty stomach (e.g. in the morning after getting up). The enteric-coated Probase tablets can be taken as desired, also with food.

A balanced diet is an absolutely important prerequisite, but it is no guarantee that the body is sufficiently supplied with all 50 vital micronutrients that are absolutely necessary for maintaining health. It is not only the supply of nutrients that is important, but also whether they reach their place of action, i.e. each individual cell, in the right quantity and in the right ratio. Negative influences of substances foreign to the body (toxic metals such as lead, mercury, aluminium, pesticides, environmental influences, but also medicines taken over a long period of time) can lead to disturbances of the micronutrient balance - even with the most optimal diet.

We stock over 70 different micronutrient products. Each of our Burgerstein preparations has its own story.  The selection and procurement of raw materials is carried out with the greatest care and is based on decades of know-how. We rely on our quality manufacturers and use only raw materials of the highest quality and with the best bioavailability.

The raw materials of Burgerstein products come from natural sources wherever possible. Our vitamin E, for example, is extracted from vegetable oils, the carotenoids from marine algae. Many vitamins are produced by fermentation, as the yield obtained by extraction is often low and large quantities of plant raw materials and foodstuffs are destroyed. Minerals and trace elements, amino and fatty acids come from natural sources, but are often still processed to eliminate any natural impurities such as heavy metals.

With micronutrients, the range between benefit and harm is very wide. Therefore, even if the recommended daily dose (ETD) is exceeded by a multiple, no side effects are to be expected. In fact, the professional will usually deliberately set higher dosages in order to achieve certain therapeutic goals. Over-the-counter Burgerstein products contain dosages that are in accordance with Swiss legislation.

Important for pregnant women:

In the case of vitamin A, it should be noted that high vitamin A dosages can cause malformations of the foetus in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, a dosage of 2.8 mg (= 9300 I.U.) vitamin A should not be exceeded during this period (including food). However, since vitamin A is important for the healthy development of the child even at the beginning of pregnancy, a daily intake of 2500-5000 I.U. vitamin A is recommended.

We only work with highly qualified fish oil suppliers who regularly carry out comprehensive quality controls and who attach great importance to the responsible use of natural resources. The production of raw fish oil is subject to a certified environmental management system. This system guarantees, on the one hand, comprehensive quality control and, on the other hand, the highest quality of the omega-3 raw materials used.

Before the fish oil is put into the capsules, it is cleaned several times. Of course, the quality controls also check for residues of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium), pesticides and other residues (e.g. DDT, DDD, DDE, HCB, PCB's, benzopyrenes, dioxins and furans). The limits are based, among other things, on the GOED, a global organization of fish oil suppliers who have set themselves the goal of setting high quality standards for fish oil. The controls for heavy metals, pesticides and other residues are state-of-the-art. The certificates of analysis are additionally checked and approved by our internal quality control.

L-lysine could be used during breastfeeding. Only during pregnancy we do not recommend it, because unfortunately there is simply too little data to be able to make a recommendation.

The original source of the vitamin D3 in the vitamin D3 capsules is lanolin (wool wax from sheepskin), after which several synthetic steps follow until the finished vitamin is obtained. The excipients in the 600 I.U. capsules include medium-chain triglycerides and rapeseed oil, while the 2000 I.U. capsules contain olive oil. In the vegan vitamin D3 spray, the vitamin is extracted from an alga and medium-chain triglycerides (coconut oil base) are used as excipients.

The gelatine of Burgerstein Vitamin D3 2,000 I.U. is obtained from cattle.

1 MagnesiumVital tablet contains 150 mg of magnesium. 120mg of it comes from magnesium citrate, 30mg of it comes from magnesium bisglycinate.

We would recommend magnesium support (e.g. 300mg daily) due to its central relaxing effect. ( MagnesiumVital (tablet) or MagnesiumVital direct stick).  Potassium, calcium and vitamin D are also related to muscle metabolism. Here one could think of a cure, e.g. with Burgerstein Probase. (This would also contain magnesium). For a good basic supply, one could also recommend Multivitamin-Mineral CELA or TopFit with all eight B vitamins (multivitamins).

Burgerstein uses a mixture of tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) and tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) made from rice bran for the partially hydrolysed eggshell membrane. So 100% natural origin.

As an alternative to Arhrol pro, we would only consider a combination of different preparations:

  • FlexVital (with eggshell membrane) + Curcuma Complex
  • FlexVital (with eggshell membrane) + Multivitamin CELA.
  • For an optimal supply, all 3 products can be combined.