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Micronutrient medicine is also called "orthomolecular medicine". This term was characterized by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. "Ortho" stands for "right" or "good" and "molecular" for the "smallest building blocks". It is therefore the "medicine of the right smallest building blocks." These include vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. They are essential to life, support the organism on a daily basis and, when used correctly, have no side effects. Important for success is the choice of the right active ingredients and dosages and expert advice before use. The individual "building blocks" are explained in detail below:

Aminosäuren Formelbild
Amino acids

AminoVital | L-Carnitin | L-Glutamin | L-Lysin | L-Methionin

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Basic products/wellbeing

Anti-Ox-Komplex | Lecithin-Granulat | Optibiotic8 | Probase | Spirulina

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Coenzym Q10

Coenzym Q10 Lutschtablette | Coenzym Q10 Kapsel | Coenzym Q10 Liquid

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Fatty acids

Omega 3 DHA | Omega 3 DHA | Omega 3 liquid | EPO Nachtkerzenöl

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Mineral/trace element

Calcium D3 | ChromVital | Eisen plus | MagnesiumVital | SelenVital | ZinkVital | Zink-C Toffees

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Multivitamin Mineral Cela | Sport | TopVital

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Herbal combinations

Curcuma-Komplex | Mood

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Special combinations

Brain | Eisen plus | EyeVital | Haar-Mineral-Analyse FlexVital | Hair&Nails | ImmunVital | OsteoVital

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Vitamins (mono-preparations)

B-Komplex | B50 | Vit B12 Boost | Vitamin C 1000 | Vitamin C Komplex | C-Berry | Vit D3 Spray | Vit D3 Kapsel | Vit D3 2000 | Vitamin K

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