Collagen powder

Collagen - an all-rounder.

Burgerstein Collagen contains 100% pure bioactive collagen peptides. The product is versatile and allows a low daily dosage due to its high quality. Burgerstein Collagen can be ideally mixed into any beverage thanks to its tastelessness and dissolves quickly when stirred. Collagen is an important fibre component of skin, bones, tendons and cartilage. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body; about one third of the proteins in our organism belong to collagen. It is a central structural component of many tissues, such as those found in skin, nails and hair, joints, tendons, ligaments and bones, as well as in muscles, blood vessels and intestinal walls. Collagen is the main protein of the so-called extracellular matrix, a scaffold-like structure around cells that plays a central role in tissue strength.

as of Nov.2023
110 gr / Powder
PZN 5814279
RRP 24,90 €
Recommended intake
2,5 gram / day

Collagen powder supports...

women, men, 50+, athletes

  • ... people from about 40 years for the skin 
  • ... general skin care due to the bioactive collagen peptides
  • ... the strengthening of the connective tissue
  • ... tendons, ligaments and overall joint health
  • ... after various injuries in the area of joints and tendons

What is collagen?

With a share of 30 percent, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. As a so-called structural protein, the body's own collagen - like a scaffold - provides support for bones, joints, muscles and tendons. It also ensures the elasticity of skin and connective tissue. The body constantly produces endogenous collagen, mainly from the amino acids' glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

With increasing age, however, collagen production decreases. As a result, the skin becomes increasingly wrinkled, muscles lose elasticity, tendons become less flexible, bones become brittle and joints develop problems. This is especially true when joints have to be immobilized for a longer period of time due to injuries: This leads to a shortening of the collagen fibres of the capsular ligament apparatus. As soon as the joint is moved and loaded again, the fibres lengthen again because the mechanical stress on the connective tissue increases its collagen content.

Occurrence in bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments

What are collagen peptides?

The individual molecules of collagen peptides are lighter than gelatin molecules, at less than 10,000 g/mol. They are also highly soluble in water and do not form a gel even in a highly concentrated solution.

When collagen is produced for use in cosmetics or dietary supplements, a hydrolysis process takes place. It can then be better processed by the body to work effectively. Collagen peptides and hydrolysed collagen both describe the same end result of this process.

Occurrence in the skin

Collagen plays an essential role in the structure of the skin. It forms a kind of scaffolding in the subcutis (dermis). Together with hyaluronic acid, collagen binds water, which is important for the plumpness and moisture of the skin. Various factors reduce the stability of this scaffold, for example age or too much sun exposure.

Burgerstein Collagen can be optimally combined and thus provides support in many areas:

  • Basic care and collagen build-up
    (collagen + vitamin C 1000 mg)

  • Ligaments, bones, cartilage, joints
    (Collagen + FlexVital + ChondroVital + Curcuma complex)

  • Skin & beauty
    (collagen + hair&nails + Anti-Ox-Complex)

  • Bone health
    (Collagen + OsteoVital forte)

  • Connective tissue, e.g. during / after pregnancy
    (Collagen + EPO Nachtkerzenöl)

  • Young athletes with injuries or tendon/ligament/bone problems 
    (Collagen + FlexVital + ChondroVital + OsteoVital forte)

Advantages of Burgerstein Collagen powder:

  • 100 % pure bioactive collagen peptides
  • can be dissolved in any drink (water, juice, coffee) or yoghurt
  • tasteless
  • each can contains 44 portions (2.5 g each)
  • optimal bioavailability
  • low daily dosage (2.5 - 5 g) due to special quality

Nutritional values Per daily portion
(2,5 gram)
Protein 2,30 g

Intake recommendation

Take 1 level tablespoon daily. Burgerstein Collagen is tasteless and can be dissolved in liquid.

Consumer group

Women, Men, Athletes, 50+

Field of use

Basic supply, Musculoskeletal system, Sports, Skin / hair / nails


Bioactive collagen peptides (bovine). The product contains collagen suitable for human consumption.

Additional information

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced nutrition. A balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store out of the reach of small children and at room temperature - please follow the corresponding package instructions. | RRP: Recommended Retail Price.

Important information

The package contains 44 servings. Store at room temperature.

Excellent combination possibilities