Without artificial colouring

Dyes can be divided into artificial and natural. "Artificial dyes are synthetically produced and no natural substance of the same structure exists," says Krenzin. "In contrast, there are natural or nature-identical dyes. These chemical compounds also occur in identical form in nature and are partly synthetically reproduced."

Dyes can and should be avoided. Anne Krenzin also advises: "You should avoid the controversial azo dyes in particular. These are suspected of causing hyperactivity in children." Since July 2010, foods with azo dyes have to be labelled with the E-number and the words "may impair activity and attention in children" as a precautionary measure.

In addition to artificial colourants, natural products such as beetroot juice or malt syrup are often used to colour food. These are not colourings, but ingredients. They are listed in the ingredient list of the food like all other ingredients.

Further information: Wikipedia "Dye"