In this section we try to provide you with knowledge about micronutrients and important topics, accompanied by a download area for all brochures for end consumers. We have prepared the following knowledge areas for you:

Various nutrients

Amino acids | Coenzym Q10 | Eggshell membrane | L-Lysin | Omega-3-fatty-acids

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Food intolerances
  • Food allergens: Peanut oil | Fructose | Gelatine | Gluten | Yeast | Granulated sugar | Lactose | Soya lecithin/protein | Sorbitol
  • Manufacturing characteristics: Genetic engineering | Artificial flavourings | Artificial colourings | Artificial preservatives
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
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Minerals/trace elements

Chromium | Iron | Calcium | Magnesium | Selenium | Zinc

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Plant extracts

Turmeric | Evening Primrose Oil | Rosemary | Saffron | Lemon Balm

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Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Wanting children: "6 out of 10 women take folic acid too late". | Why are micronutrients of great importance for pregnant and breastfeeding women? | Support in the postpartum period and during breastfeeding.

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B-general information | B1 | B2 | B3 | B5 | B9 | B12 | C/Ascorbic acid  D | K2

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Download Area

Here you can find downloads for Burgerstein & Burgerstein Foundation brochures, videos, and much more.

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What are free radicals & antioxidants?

Explanation page on free radicals and antioxidants.

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