Food intolerances

We now find them everywhere: on the internet or in (specialized) magazines, when shopping in the supermarket in the form of so-called "free from" products, as well as in conversations with friends or relatives. Almost every second person "can't tolerate something". Food intolerances, such as lactose or fructose intolerance, are often referred to somewhat inaccurately as "intolerances". From a medical point of view, "intolerance" is the umbrella term for different, unwelcome reactions to food. But there is a distinction to be made. Poisoning is just as much an intolerance as organic disorders or disorders of the immune system. Thus, for example, both a cow's milk allergy and a lactose intolerance fall under the term "intolerance", although the physical processes are very different. Most of our products are "Free from" to accommodate these intolerances/intolerances or allergies - read more about this in the following topics Allergens, Manufacturing Characteristics and Vegan.

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Manufacturing characteristics
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6 vegi-Vollkornbrote mit Sojasprossen, Avocado, Aufstrich, Tomate, Kresse und Topfenaufstrich
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