Support during the postpartum period and breastfeeding.

Renate Süvegh
Nursing specialist DNII, focus on children, midwife FH & consultant micronutrients

For many years now, I have been accompanying families on their way to becoming parents after leaving the hospital - and I still do this with a lot of joy and enthusiasm for my profession and the people entrusting themselves to me. It is a very beautiful, new task to care for a little human being so that it is satisfied, grows and thrives. With the mother's milk the child gets not only food, but also love, warmth and comfort. Growing into a new life is an intense and joyful time for everyone involved. But it is also an exhausting time. Often the mother is exhausted and tired after the great experience of "birth". In addition, there are sleepless nights because the child often wants to be breastfed. An understanding partner, caring grandparents and close friends who offer support and work in the background are very helpful and to be wished to all "new" parents. In my experience, it makes sense to take selected trace elements and vitamins in addition to sufficient rest and relaxation during this phase, which is very exhausting for the body and vitamins, so that the body can cope well with this demanding time and does not slip into a deficit.