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Here you will find the following guides:

  • Acid-base balance
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • Sports
  • Mood swings
  • Stress & burnout
  • Our nutrition
  • Vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid - natural or synthetic
Acid-base household

"Eating a better alkaline diet"... this is increasingly a topic in the spring months. The influence of the acid-base balance in the organism and the importance of nutrition have been discussed for a long time. Read more here.

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Pregnancy & breastfeeding

Every mother wants to support the development of her growing child in the best possible way. A balanced diet and targeted additional intake (supplementation) of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids are particularly important. In this article we show which micronutrients, fatty acids and other important active substances you should take additionally during pregnancy and why.

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Many people do sport in their free time as a balance to their daily work and for the joy of exercise. This ranges from leisurely jogging to intensive, ambitious training sessions and competitions that push the individual to the limit. With heavy and frequent exertion, the body needs more nutrients. For the sports training of hobby and competitive athletes, macronutrients such as fats and carbohydrates provide important energy.

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Treating mood swings naturally

Sometimes your mood is like a roller coaster. Do you also know the emotional chaos triggered by alternating highs and lows?
You are not alone in this. Read more here.

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Stress & burnout

The everyday challenges in professional and private life can temporarily get on top of you. If this stressful situation is permanent and there is constant negative stress, it can result in burnout. Read more here.

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Our nutrition: the basis for a healthy life

Nutrition - a topic that occupies us for a lifetime. In this article you will learn more about nutrition and the important micronutrients.

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Vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian: for, against or what's it all about?
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Vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid - natural or synthetic

When it comes to vitamin C, chemically speaking, we are always dealing with L-ascorbic acid in both the natural and synthetic sources. There is no difference between these forms. 

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