Topics4you are group-specific pages for our women, children, men and premium products. Here you will find information for the groups of people and the related products. The assignments are not made randomly, so see for yourself...

Men's World

Men have no fear, can accomplish an enormous amount and never get sick. At least that's what many men seem to think, because they hardly care about their health - at least in practice.


Women's World

As a rule, women often eat more consciously than men. However, modern ideals of beauty or nutritional trends, which are conveyed in certain media but also through the social environment, influence the eating behavior of adult but increasingly of young women.


Kid's & Teen's World

Which micronutrients do our young generation need, what should we pay attention to. Here you can learn more about this topic and the relevant products.


PREMIUM products

Many of our premium micronutrients are not simply more expensive than other products on the market. The decisive factors are, above all, the high-quality raw materials, the production, and the best possible benefits for the customer. Special features, such as special dosage forms, for example toffees for chewing, tasty lozenges or tablets with a "time-release" function are also decisive.

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