Acid-base household

"Eating a better alkaline diet"... this is increasingly a topic in the spring months. The influence of the acid-base balance in the organism and the importance of nutrition have been discussed for a long time. Do we eat acidic food with the usual choice of food or is an alkaline diet the better option?

Our organism is constantly busy keeping the acid-base balance in the body in equilibrium. Food intake, fluid intake and also breathing transport both acidic and alkaline substances into the body every day. The intestines, liver, kidneys and skin process these. The macro- and micronutrients needed by the body are absorbed, and superfluous ones are excreted by the body's own detoxification organs. This is the principle of how acids and bases normally balance each other in the body.

However, our metabolism can only work flawlessly as long as the individual regions in the body maintain the necessary pH value. As soon as this balance gets out of whack, it can have a permanent effect on health.

Which foods are "acidic" or "alkaline"?

Are you acidic or alkaline? - Testing brings clarity:

To detect hyperacidity in the body, you can measure the pH value of your urine. This value provides information about how acidic or alkaline you are. You need so-called test strips (pH indicator paper) or urine pH sticks from the pharmacy. The range between acidic and alkaline is shown on a scale from 1 to 14. Below the value 7 you are in the acidic range, above the value 7 in the alkaline range.

Which micronutrients support the body in keeping the acid-base balance in equilibrium?

  • Zinc supports a balanced acid-base metabolism and supports the immune system.
  • Magnesium supports electrolyte balance and reduces listlessness, fatigue and exhaustion. Magnesium also makes a valuable contribution to normal muscle function.
  • Selenium helps support cells against oxidative stress from free radicals and ensures a strong immune system
  • Calcium supports normal energy metabolism and contributes to normal bone health and muscle function
  • Potassium contributes to normal muscle function

Ideal dosage forms:

These include gastric juice-resistant, tasteless tablets - easy to swallow, prevent unpleasant belching and flatulence, or for those who do not want to or cannot swallow tablets, there are food supplements in practical powder form to stir in.

Products for your acid-base balance...

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