Why are micronutrients of great importance for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

At no other time in a woman's life is the need for micronutrients higher than during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Already in the first 3-4 weeks of life - i.e. before the expectant mother knows that she is pregnant - important developmental processes (tissue/organ development, nervous system) have taken place in the embryo. Therefore, the developing child is dependent on a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements as well as fat and amino acids from the very beginning. Even before pregnancy, the expectant mother should therefore ensure that she takes in sufficient nutrients to replenish her body's reserves. In this way, the organism can be optimally prepared for the coming pregnancy.

The intake recommendations for various micronutrients are 50-100% higher during pregnancy compared to the average requirement. Therefore, supplementation with a nutrient supplement makes sense to ensure the healthy development of the child.

Even after birth, the higher requirement remains. The infant doubles his birth weight in the first 4-6 months. He is dependent on a balanced supply of nutrients via breast milk.



The table clearly shows that the requirement for individual micronutrients is in part 100 % higher in pregnant and breastfeeding women. In contrast, however, the calorie requirement increases by only about 12.5 % (= 250 kcal/day) from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and by only about 25 % (= 500 kcal/day) from the 3rd trimester and during breastfeeding. It is therefore important to pay attention to additional micronutrient supplementation with balanced and well-tolerated preparations.

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