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Men have no fear, can accomplish an enormous amount and never get sick. At least that's what many men seem to think, because they hardly care about their health - at least in practice. According to current societal role descriptions, a man has to be strong, hard on himself and others, successful, courageous, fearless, hard-drinking, cool, risk-taking, stress-tolerant, sexually potent at all times and for hours on end, rich, active, athletic and healthy in order to be a "true man". For many men, perhaps not being able to live up to this cliché (anymore) means a considerable insecurity of their masculine identity.

Health problems, pain, fears and worries are also often denied or not perceived over longer periods of time due to the male understanding of roles, which significantly increases the risk of becoming seriously ill for men. This is a problem that needs to be eliminated if men's mental and physical health is to improve in the long term.

According to studies, men are aware of the offers for preventive health care: 80 % of men are aware of various preventive examinations or health check-ups. However, only every fourth man makes use of the various examinations. This has consequences: Statistically, men die five years earlier than women.

Micronutrients support HIM

Micronutrients can make a contribution here. Support from the inner side - in the form of vitamins, minerals or plant extracts optimally adapted to the different phases of life - can accompany men sensibly and help them to stand their ground in different life situations.

Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium help to protect the cells from oxidative stress. But essential omega-3 fatty acids should also be part of a balanced nutrition.

Men can gain years of life by changing their lifestyle. Eating healthier, exercising more and balancing out stress are all things MAN can easily incorporate into his daily routine - better sooner than later. AND: regular preventive check-ups or support with nutritional supplements help to check and optimize the success of personal health management.

Lab values challenge: there's still room for improvement!

Bad lab results are usually not fatal. Depending on the test result, men can actively work on their heart health: Endurance sports have been shown to lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar levels, and less alcohol and more green foods on the plate also have a positive influence on weight and metabolism.

Living healthier means living longer!

MAN should treat his body - because you only have this one - with care and develop regular health awareness and love for his own.

More frequent visits to the toilet (especially at night) and thus a disturbed night's sleep, being overweight because it tastes so good and a falling testosterone level - you are not the only one. You are not alone in the menopause, where hair thins and energy levels drop.

MAN often eats too much, too greasy and too one-sided. The result: typical diseases of civilization, such as cardiovascular problems or diabetes. Does MAN know that stress also makes you fat in the long-term, or that regular exercise keeps you fit and can protect you from many diseases, especially of the musculoskeletal system?

Time cannot be stopped - but a healthy lifestyle and a balanced nutrition form the basis for feeling fit, strong and healthy into old age.

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