Without genetic engineering

The terms GM-free, non-GM or (incorrectly) GM-free are used to describe products that are free of genetically modified organisms and were also produced without their help. The term mainly covers the subject areas of food and cosmetic products; in the case of pharmaceuticals and medicines, the questionability of genetic engineering production is hardly ever discussed.

The term "gene-free" is misleading in this context, since almost all food is produced from living organisms and therefore contains their genes. The word "gen-" is a misleading abbreviation of genetic engineering. In biological terminology, the term "gene-free" is used in connection with areas of the genome that do not contain genes. These include, for example, the centromeres and telomeres of the chromosomes and heterochromatin in general.[1]

A GMO-free zone is an area that is or should be free of genetically modified organisms in animal or/and plant breeding.

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