Free from crystal sugar

Sugar, along with various other types of sugar, is the name given to a sweet-tasting, crystalline food obtained from plants and consisting mainly of sucrose.

The main sources are sugar cane (grown in the tropics), sugar beet (grown in temperate latitudes, e.g. Central Europe) and the transgenic sugar beet H7-1 (USA). In 2016, about 277.2 million tonnes of sugar beet and 1.891 billion tonnes of sugar cane were produced worldwide. The main sugar beet producing countries are Russia, France and the USA, while the main sugar cane producing countries are Brazil, India and China. The average annual supply of sugar in Germany was 35.61 kg per capita in 2013. Annual supply is not synonymous with annual consumption. It is merely a statistical annual average value from production + imports - exports, converted per capita.

Further information: Wikipedia "Sugar"