New in town!

Quality is not a coincidence!

From 1st April, Burgerstein gets again growth: 

TopFit is the further development of our TopVital one-A-day. The latest scientific findings have been incorporated into this recipe. In addition to a highly concentrated & certified ginseng concentrate, it contains a further 19 ingredients - again in just one capsule! 

Coenzyme Q10 100 mg capsules - energy for heart, circulation and cells. An extension of the Q10 portfolio - in the usual quality and bioavailability.

Since October 2021: 

CardioVital is a comprehensive nutritional supplement for YOUR heart health. In addition to special extracts from olive and black garlic, the product also contains coenzyme Q10, fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, selenium and vitamin K2. 

ImmunVital CAPSULES will be available from 01 December 2021. The already proven preparation for the immune system now also as capsules in the practical monthly pack!

Our new multispecies probiotic.

Because a healthy intestinal flora is essential!

With 2.5 billion colony forming units and its

  • 14 lactic acid forming bacterial cultures
  • a yeast strain &
  • the micronutrient's biotin, vitamin B6 and B12

BIOTICS-G forms the basis for a healthy intestine. Thanks to a special protective technology, the bacteria remain better intact through the stomach passage and can develop their effect in the intestine. Whether as a prophylaxis, during high stress (stress, sports) or even an intestinal rehabilitation - BIOTICS-G supports you optimally in your challenges. 

Good for your health.

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Burgerstein top-selling products

Our quality stands for itself - as do our incomparable products, which are outstanding in their composition and form of presentation.

The ingredients make the difference...

... just as with our top products. The dose is decisive, but above all the quality - this is the strength of Burgerstein products for almost 50 years.

The best examples of this are, among others, our "MULTIS" such as Multivitamin-Mineral CELA or TopVital One-A-Day, the unique dosage form of Zink-C toffees, a very special retard form of Vitamin C 1000 mg time-release or the Coenzyme Q10 lozenge with a delicious orange flavor.