NEW: The magnesium kick in the stick!

    * 100% daily requirement of magnesium in one stick (375mg magnesium).
     * Natural blackberry flavour
     * Taken without water
     * Convenient for on the go - whether travelling or in the backpack

Did you know: Of the approximately 20–30 grams of magnesium in our body, about 60% is found in the bones and almost 30% in the connective tissue, especially in the liver and muscles. Magnesium is always found where calcium is needed and prevents intracellular calcium overload.

NEW: Collagen - an all-rounder!

Collagen is found in the body primarily in connective tissue, where it can make up the majority of the extracellular matrix, depending on its composition. The different properties of the various types of collagen are the basis for a variety of properties of connective and supporting tissue. The tensile strength of ligaments and tendons, the flexibility of bones or the pressure resistance of joint cartilage is largely determined by the collagen predominant in the tissue.


  • 100 % pure bioactive collagen peptides
  • can be dissolved in any drink (water, juice, coffee) or yoghurt
  • tasteless
  • each can contains 44 portions (2.5 g each)
  • optimal bioavailability
  • low daily dosage (2.5 - 5 g) due to special quality


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